The Blocksport NFT platform mission

Blocksport is an NFT aggregation platform for the sports industry where users can mint, auction and trade sports collectables or fan tokens. At the core of our NFT Platform’s value proposition is the creation of a simple, compliant, and interoperable platform for trading virtually all Sport or Esport assets in tokenized form.

Blocksport has built an ecosystem for Sports and Esports enthusiasts that integrates games, sports NFT collections, and fan community management, as well as build a service platform for the vertical field of the sports industry in an encrypted world.

Blocksport’s team and founders are not newbies who have just started playing on the NFT sports field. With extensive knowledge and experience in the sports arena and the development of non-fungible tokens, we are willing to help athletes, sports teams, and innovators who are looking to start their NFT journey.

Products and Solutions

The Blocksport NFT platform consists of three integrated products that together provide a comprehensive experience for fans and clubs. The three main products are:

  • NFTs
  • Fan Token Offering
  • Staking

In this article we will talk about NFT segment of our project.

NFT Overview or what do we tokenize?

Blocksport launches a unique NFTs of (e)Sports assets such as Collectible Cards, Memorabilia, Video, Picture, Tickets, Merchandise, Voting rights, Skins, which can be permanently collected by fans.

As you can imagine, NFTs, which are created by the Blocksport protocol, can be extremely powerful since they can represent literally any asset, digital or real. Below are just some uses for our NFTs:

Digital cards: If an athlete or club would like to issue collectible cards, they can arrange a special photo session and place exclusive photos on them. Another idea: they can issue cards featuring highlights of their career. All cards must have different images on them and be unique.

Special moments: When we think of an outstanding athlete, we often recall the highlights of their career or famous pre-game rituals. All these unique moments could be converted into high-value NFTs and end up in a fan’s digital collection.

Memorabilia: Famous athlete memorabilia such as sports equipment, trophies, outfits, and accessories can become NFTs. In addition, one can collaborate with the designer to recreate tickets for major sporting events and sell their unique digital copies as NFTs.

Fan Meetings: If you would like to hold a Meet & Greet — a meeting with a group of your supporters, you can issue NFTs that will serve as tickets for this event. These NFTs cannot be copied or exchanged, so sports fans will have a unique chance to participate in a meeting where they can ask their favorite athletes questions, chat, and take pictures.

Tickets: A unique NFT ticket will serve as a pass to all sorts of events, from attending the games to visiting the stadium during rehearsals and training.

Packages: Leagues, teams, and athletes can also choose to sell NFT packages. Here, several NFT products will be combined in one set, for example, an autograph + a photo with an athlete, collectible game card + in-person meeting, memorabilia + online meeting, and so on.

Voting: Voting rights, which means the participators have some right in the decision-making processes, feedback polls and surveys of sports teams or clubs, can become NFTs.

Virtual Merchandise: Merchandise in the virtual world can also become NFTs. The user makes a shot of a special moment in the virtual world and creates an NFT in a second.

NFT-platform Features

Our NFTs consist of three main components:

Marketplace: Blocksport’s web-based marketplace allows users to upload, publish, and sell their minted NFTs. The marketplace will use smart contracts to control NFTs auctions and transactions. Additional benefits of this marketplace are that economic principles of supply and demand become automatically integrated into the system, allowing the community to determine the fair price of user-generated assets.

Mint: Minting allows anyone to create or import their own Sport or Esport assets, work on them, and effortlessly turn them into NFTs and export them to the marketplace.

Ranking: The Blocksport system has set up transaction rankings, which are mainly divided into works transaction rankings, seller rankings and buyer rankings, mainly based on transaction volume statistics. Blocksport encourages users to mint or trade more NFTs.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you are enjoyed. In the next parts we will talk about other benefits of Blocksport!

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Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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