MEET Blocksport NFT Club Members: Italian Football Club ASD Molfetta Calcio

3 min readJan 9, 2022


As with some football clubs, the rich history and greatness associated with them today are what they intricately build over time right from their formation. Each one of the celebrated clubs today started right from a path of the “Unknown” to being known. Their humble beginnings apart, they towed the line of greatness and remained committed to it.

The above finds ample evidence in ASD Molfetta Calcio and it is only a matter of time before the club will be used in the same line as others as it is gradually towing the right part.

ASD Molfetta Calcio is a club in Italy that currently plays in the Italian Serie D. It is a club that takes great delight in bringing enthusiasm to the city of Molfetta as it believes representing the city in itself is an honour.

The club plays its home games in its own stadium called the Stadio Comunale Paolo Poli located in the city of Molfetta. The stadium has a capacity to accommodate 5000 fans of the club for home games.

Being formed recently has not stopped the club from achieving and recording some modicums of successes since it was formed. Thus, in terms of honours, the club has climbed from the Puglia Promotion championship to the Serie D where it plies its trade today.

It has its own Football School where future stars are nurtured, trained and refined to possess the necessary on field and off field skills to succeed. The club has this structure spelt out with capable hands at the helm of affairs of what the Football School does so as to achieve optimal results.


As said in the introductory paragraph, ASD Molfetta Calcio passage to greatness has been further enhanced as the club has made public its intention to join the NFT revolution currently ongoing in the crypto space.

To achieve the above, the club is announcing a partnership with Blocksport. The announcement will serve a myriad of purposes which included but not limited to being a joint business partnership, launching the ASD Molfetta Calcio NFT. Additionally, the club’s fans would have the opportunity to purchase a customized NFT of the club they love and support when it launches.

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