MEET Blocksport NFT Club Members: eSports Organization PENTA SPORTS

PENTA sports is an eSports organization founded in 2014 and based in Germany. It boasts of having both professional and academy teams. The teams are well managed by the organisation as each of the organisations’ teams are well positioned to challenge the best and be it in whatever capacity. The professional teams are competing in Clash of clans, RainbowSix siege, Cross fire, NHL. The academy team is competing in Hearthstone.

Each of PENTA’s teams have tasted success over the years since their respective formation. Honors have been received as early as 2015 in the CrossFire Stars and the team has not rested since then. In 2018, it was Dreamhack Leipzig. Top 8 was made in the World Championship in 2020 (Closed Qualifier), in 2020 it was GCC Lan.

The team’s hunger for success has seen it make reinforcement regarding the management of the team. This reinforcement concerns product development, new team manager for the league of legends among other reinforcement that would make the organisation be in a better position to challenge for honours both for the professional teams or the academy team.

Blocksport and PENTA SPORTS

NFT is one of the ways sporting organisations could make a foray into cryptocurrency and an opening for such has been made open. Thus, PENTA sports is joining the NFT revolution by announcing a partnership with Blocksport. The announcement intends to serve many purposes which are not limited to a joint business partnership which aims at launching the PENTA sports NFT. PENTA sports fans will have the opportunity to purchase a customized NFT of the club they love and support when it launches.

“MEET Blocksport NFT Club Members” is a series that made by Blocksport to introduce both Sport and eSport club members. Currently, Blocksport has 12 sport club members and 14 esport club members.

Blocksport is a sports NFT aggregation platform where you can create, issue, and distribute any non-fungible tokens for Sports Collectors. Monetize your fan base via a custom Fan Token Offering. Play to earn with integrated BSPT, NFTs, and Fan Tokens into DeFi games.

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Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.

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