How we help Partizan to engage 50 000 passionate fans

3 min readMar 24, 2024

Leading sports team app in Serbia

With Partizan BC we launched the Blocksport ecosystem integrating the Fan App, NFT collectibles, Fan tokens, and NFT games providing an unmatched fan experience. We are proud to partner and provide our technology to one of the most passionate sports communities.

  • Within 2 years app reached 50000 downloads.
  • App was promoted by Partizan legendary players.
  • It also stands in TOP 5 Entertainment apps in Serbia.

Partizan uses fan missions to engage fans inside the app — for completing unique fan missions fans receive fan points. The most active fans receive special rewards from the club. With the help of missions Partizan earned +30% downloads weekly and 3000 more new downloads during the first two weeks with fan missions referring to the most popular games.

The fan who earned most fan points in 2023 will have a premium seat behind the team bench with club management during the important Euroleague game.

PTZT fan token and NFT success

Partizan fan token was launched in 2022 with 3 levels of benefits making it the first basketball club with non-speculative and utility token for fans only. Now fans can also buy premium subscription with fan tokens and earn PTZT tokens with NFT games.

20000+ tokens sold and counting!

Partizan launched the unique collection from the 1992 Euroleague champions campaign.

The next will be a collection with their native players, in the NBA teams.

Unique NFT Game “Own your Pitch”

Fans virtually own NFT of randomly distributed zones on the basketball court, earning PTZT tokens for scored points. Basketball court divided into 20 zones, each with 25 unique NFTs available for purchase at 10 EUR. Ownership of a zone grants fans the potential to earn 10 fan tokens for each point scored in their zone. After the game fans receive their reward in PTZT to their MetaMask wallet connected to Blocksport platform.

Results of the game:

  • Successful NFT game launched during ABA League 2022/2023 Finals, with Partizan BC winning the championship title.
  • Media coverage on Partizan BC’s social media generated 200,000 impressions, attracting 3,000 fans to the Blocksport platform.
  • Potential for expanding the concept to other sports like football and motorsport.
  • Blocksport’s NFT game introduces a new revenue stream for Partizan BC and enhances fan experience with exclusive benefits.


The partnership between Blocksport and Partizan BC has revolutionized the fan experience within the Serbian sports community. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology, including the Blocksport ecosystem, NFT collectibles, and fan tokens, the app has become a cornerstone for engaging fans like never before. Not only has the app achieved remarkable success with over 50,000 downloads and a position in the top 5 entertainment apps in Serbia, but it has also fostered a deeper connection between the club and its supporters through innovative initiatives like fan missions and exclusive rewards.

The introduction of the PTZT fan token and NFT games has further solidified this bond, providing fans with tangible benefits and a unique ownership experience. The successful launch of the “Own your Pitch” NFT game during the ABA League Finals exemplifies the potential for continued growth and expansion, not only within basketball but across other sports as well. This collaboration has not only introduced a new revenue stream for Partizan BC but has also set a new standard for fan engagement and interaction in the digital age.




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