Fan tokens: serving for the fans

4 min readAug 15, 2022

As fans of progress (of any kind, really), we often are faced with a common challenge of the industry — the progress is always ongoing, however it is going on at a very different speed in different times. And we, as anyone who is really passionate about anything, can truly get frustrated with the fact that certain things do not go as expected at a given time.

This frustration often goes hand in hand with the progress for those who dedicate their life for cheering up a certain kind of sports as well — today your fav team wins, tomorrow it loses, however life goes on and you do not give up on your football or baseball sweethearts that easily. However do not forget one very important fact: what primarily unites us here is the fact of “sportsfanship”, and that also makes us as adjusted to the fact that the progress is also on the lows sometimes as no one else.

Given our optimistic nature, we turned our eye to the brighter side of things, and something we believe is a true lifesaver and cheerleader during these dark times — that is, a fan token. We have done a detailed study before on why we believe that’s the future of sports fandom, and in the light of the recent crypto market fluctuations, we also are led to believe, that a fan token is, if not a complete valid replacement of our modern imagination of merchandise, but definitely a unique and timeless substitution. Basically it gives you anything you crave from the blockchain: it is the investment that doesn’t lose value, as its value is far more than the amount of money and resources spent on it. That’s the investment you cannot lose because it’s solely built on the emotions, impressions, and experiences that truly stay with you forever.

What motivated us to rethink once more our views on the multifaceted nature of a fan token and to appreciate it once more is our recent study of a sports scene as booming and active as any other — that is, the one of Balkan basketball. Undoubtedly, you are aware that this is a unique combination of the most professional and accomplished athletes, and the most passionate fans, and a fan culture like no other in the sports. All those factors create an explosive combination, truly!

Inspired by our partnership with the Belgrade-based Partizan BC (by the way, have you had a chance to check out their app? It is pretty lit! [the link goes here] ), we dove into Serbian sports scene and were truly amazed by their ultimately unique fanbase. As we worked and communicated with the team further, we figured out the main objective of this collaboration was to make your life as a fan brighter, your experience easier and more ultimate, and the perks you get from being a part of the Partizan family more unforgettable. All this was shaped into $PTZT — which we now see as a long-awaited change in the world of sports tokenization.

Our objective was to not only redesign the fan experience, but also reinvent the fan culture in modern times. With COVID still being at large, we understood there was a responsibility on us to deliver your most favorite and desired sports experiences right at your doorstep — no health harmed whatsoever! Regardless of whether you desire to hear from Black and Whites for your birthday with a hearty video-congratulation as an owner of Silver membership, to meet with your fav Partizan for a face-to-face and to personally ask everything you ever wondered about the team with a Gold membership, or become an unbelievably lucky owner of the signed jersey and ball gifted to you by the players AND the coach as a part of Platinum tokens ownership — all of those treasures are provided to you with great care and consideration by a Partizan BC/Blocksport union.

You might get a feeling that it’s all about the fans — however do not fret, we do not forget about the players too! Tokenization provides a unique opportunity for our partners in sport as well: it is not just reinventing a new and stable-as-ever source of revenue, but also building up a completely new digital awareness by developing their fan relationship in a completely unrepeatable way. Moreover, it is safe to say, that since tokens do belong to a certain owner, the risk of them losing their value is zero — and the team can sleep calmly at night without worrying they will lose their reputation in the eyes of those who dedicate all their free time to fandom.

We really do believe in what we do — moreover, we love it! Us, as well as our partners at Partizan BC, truly dedicate our lives to sharing this love to what we do with the fans — and if you ask us, $PTZT is as far as this sharing goes, by truly allowing us to send what we value most out there in the world. Learn more about this new and unique way of engagement in our blog:




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