Fan engagement projects: island of tranquility in a bear market

3 min readJun 14, 2022

A bear market is a tough time for every investor, but an opportunity to define what projects really have something behind their back, and what don’t have anything except hype and promises. So every savvy investor should start looking at the real background of the project and that’s the point where we can look at blockchain fan engagement companies more precisely.

So what are those fan engagement companies and why they are called so?

Fan engagement companies work with fan bases of popular organizations and celebrities. Movie stars, sports clubs, and musicians have massive fan bases that can be monetized with blockchain technology through NFTs and personal tokens. But musicians and movie stars come and go, and their popularity is usually not eternal here we can target our attention to sports fan engagement projects who work with famous sports clubs. People follow their beloved club for their whole life, famous sports clubs have 50 or even 100 years of history, and fan traditions pass from generation to next generation. Now sports enter the era of digital and building new connections between fans and clubs, it is not about only attending games and watching them on tv, the experience became much wider. There are several companies who work in this market, so let’s define who to trust and why.

First of all, the reason to trust those companies and invest in the fan bases of their clients. Yes, big blockchain projects who failed had their fan bases too — but it was the investors and members who trusted them, their project. Here we have a situation where fans trust their clubs, and clubs trust their partners — fan engagement projects. As we wrote before they have generations of fans and making them lose money will brake the trust and love that was built for decades. So when sports clubs go for partnerships with blockchain fan engagement projects they really evaluate the risk because it is about their fan base, not the audience of this project. For example, the Blocksport project has the Partizan basketball club as its partner with 2 million fans around the world — if they fail, all those fans will suffer that’s why companies like this will be on a market for a long time. They have the most important asset to protect — the trust of their clients’ fan base and that’s why you should consider investing in such companies. Because if you select the right company in this field — you will never lose and earn in a long term.

Ok, so who is to select the company in this special market? Here comes the main thing — the execution of the project. You need separate crypto companies that offer enormous funds to clubs and are likely to disappear like IQONIQ, companies that have famous partners like Socios but have been accused of crypto market manipulation. The main thing here is a business model like the NFT fantasy game Sorare, and NBA Top Shot which is backed by NBA. But if you are looking to make a really good profit, as always — you need to look for hidden gems.

Blocksport is maybe one of them and that’s why. First of all, the company offers not speculative tokens or just NFTs like many, They offer a whole ecosystem with integrated products for fan bases. Secondly, Blocksport selects partners among clubs who are ready to execute and invest their time to use those products and engage the audience Furthermore, Blocksport is trusted by advisors from the sports world like former NBA vice-president Sam Li and former FIFA executives and completed their first successful fan token sale with a sold out. Now you can invest by purchasing a native platform token BSPT and by taking part in fan token sales.

To conclude, investing in a fan engagement project is a smart move in a bear market, when everyone is afraid about the background of projects sports fan engagement companies have the most decent asset behind their back — the fan bases of their clients. But being accurate and exploring the project is still important because the hype and big names don’t always guarantee a long-term plan and execution, so invest smart and you will be in the right position when the bullish trend comes back.




Founded in 2019, Blocksport is an innovative and leading SportsTech based in Zug, Switzerland.