Fan app: necessity for modern sports brand

4 min readAug 24, 2022


Fan app is an asset that every club or sports brand thinks about now or already uses. But why applications are important for sports brands? Selling tickets and streaming — yes, sharing the news — definitely. But the real answer to this question goes deeper and that’s what we want to share with you in this article.

What is a fan app for a brand?

First of all, the fan app is a space. Brands have followers on social media, and traffic on websites, but can they identify them? No, because you don’t know the phone numbers of your Instagram subscribers and emails of your Facebook fans, and what is more important those pages belong to those companies, not your brand.

With the fan app, the story is different, here you can have a one-on-one conversation with your fans — you don’t depend on the algorithms of social media you use to present the content. You can collect the important data we mentioned above to move your communications further and also send push notifications, so you are always here for your fans. So that’s why the fan app is first of all a space.

Why do fans need the apps of their clubs?

Let’s agree that the fan app is the thing for loyal fans who are really interested in the brand. That’s why they want to have everything in one space — tickets, content, news, and speaking with other fans like they are. They want a space for people who a similar to them and on the other side they want this experience to be exciting, otherwise, they will watch content on YouTube and chat on Facebook.

In Blocksport we offer a gamified app to avoid those situations where fans have missions, points, and ratings where being in a beloved club’s space is a game you never want to stop. Vote in polls, watch unique content and join chats with players and legends we offer such a variety of opportunities so fans can be never bored. Our idea is to bring such experience as we would like to have as fans of our favorite clubs, athletes, and federations. It is a product built from fans to the fans.

How brands can use the fan app to open up new revenue streams?

Creating such an experience for fans on the same side we create opportunities for brands and their partners to open new revenue streams. How? By completing fan missions and interacting with the app, fans leave their personal data that can be used to launch segmented and targeted advertising campaigns with high ROI. With an active fan app, brands can offer new possibilities to their partners.

For example, you have a betting partner — offer them to sponsor your prediction tournament, arrange rewards together and receive new hot leads with people who are interested in predicting games — as simple as it is. The audience of an app is much more valuable than your number of social media because those people are loyal, open, and ready to integrate into your products and partners’ campaigns.

But how the club can earn revenue directly in the app?

Here comes the digital ecosystem as all our products are interconnected you can sell fan tokens and NFT directly in the app, offering digital benefits and voting opportunities only for holders of those digital assets. You offer voting and exclusive video only for fan tokens — great idea, publish it in the app and arrange a poll only in the app, so only fan token holders can watch this stream with a player and decide what the next season slogan will be or color of away kit. All those options are integrated technically into the Blocksport ecosystem so you can earn revenue bringing added value to your fans all over the world.

But a fan app costs thousands, isn’t it?

Yes, if you develop your app from zero it will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, but we offer a different way with the SaaS model when you only pay monthly for your app and all other products are developed on a revenue share model. That’s how you receive your white-label branded fan app in 30 days for around 1000$ per month — we understand how to work with clubs of different sizes and that’s why offer such service so you can start earning from the first month and not only cover your costs but open up a digital revenue stream like never before.

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